ASOPAP – Colombia

Cocoa and Sweet Cherry with a Syrupy Finish




Planadas, Tolima




Bourbon, Typica, Caturra & Castillo


1650 – 1900 MASL




Fair Trade Organic


12oz, 2lb, 5lb

Origin Story

40 producers living in and around Planadas, Tolima make up the Asopap group. The group’s young, determined members love to learn, experiment, and try new processing methods. Here are some of the producers working to make this Fair Trade Organic coffee:

Angelica Olave Quintero is the daughter of cacao producers, but her heart has always drawn her to coffee. In 2015 Angelica began supporting the coffee producers of Asopap and has now become an integral part of the coffee association’s family.

Diana Maria Donde Ipuz lives in Planadas, Tolima with her husband and two children. She joined Asopap a few years ago and quickly became a model for her fellow coffee producers. Diana has developed a reputation for her high quality coffee and is committed to constantly improving.

Emanuel Avilez Vegas is a young coffee producer from Planadas, Tolima. He helps his two brothers, mother and father manage their family coffee farm, El Triángulo. Emanuel studies coffee roasting and cupping, and he implements innovative and experimental processing techniques on his farm. He is a true leader for the next generation of coffee producers.

Franco Alexis Garzon lives on his family farm, where he has installed coffee drying beds on the roof to keep his coffee close to home. As one of the more experienced coffee producers in Asopap, many of the other members look up to Don Franco for advice and direction. Don Franco is proud to say his two children have joined Asopap and followed in his path.

Gilberto Chaves Mendoza is a second-generation member and farmer at Asopap. He works alongside his father, Don Luis Matilde Chavez. Gilberto is know by his peers for being honest and responsible, so it comes as no surprise that he was elected to be Asopap‘s treasurer.

Yinyini Avilez Tabera is another all-star member of Asopap. He lives in Planadas with his wife, two children, pet parrot and dog on their farm, La Estrella. Yinyini is well-known within Asopap for his high-quality natural coffees as well as his easy-going and fun-loving personality. Yinyini also loves playing soccer. He participated for years in a nationwide soccer league for coffee producers.

Luis Duran is a founding member of Asopap. Coffee is a family tradition for Luis. His son, Edilson Duran, is a young leader in the coffee industry and is the administrator of Asopap. Edilson tracks all coffee produced by the members of Asopap and maintains meticulous records to provide insights traceability and data-driven innovation. Along with coffee, Edilson loves working with bees and produces delicious honey.

(Source: Cereza Coffee)


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