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Featured Coffees: Finca Medina Natural & Honey

A long agricultural tradition and modern sustainability techniques produce comforting coffees with an elevated twist.

As cool weather moves in, we look forward to the cozy, yet complex flavors of this month’s featured coffees from Finca Medina. Established in 1842, Finca Medina rests between three volcanoes in San Lorenzo el Cubo in Guatemala’s Antigua region. The team at Finca Medina combine modern processing and sustainability practices with a long agricultural tradition to grow exceptional specialty-grade coffees.

Finca Medina aims to be a pioneer in sustainable farming practices in Antigua, a region famous for its quality coffee thanks to rich volcanic soil and high elevation. Shade trees provide ideal growing conditions, help protect the soil, and control weed growth without chemical herbicides. Coffee pulp, farm waste, and water used in coffee processing are recycled to make compost, reducing water use and eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers. Thanks to these efforts, all of Finca Medina’s coffees have been awarded Rainforest Alliance certification.

To produce our Finca Medina Natural, the team at Finca Medina dries the whole coffee cherries on raised African beds for about a month. This technique ensures good airflow as the fruit matures and imparts juicy, sweet flavors to the seed. If you’ve not tried a natural processed coffee before, this makes a great introduction to the style with its balanced acidity and full body. We think the bold notes of sweet strawberry, baker’s chocolate and subtle baking spices make this the perfect coffee for a cold fall morning.

Our Finca Medina Honey shares the natural’s sweetness while presenting a more subdued, complex flavor profile. Honey processed coffees are pulped before drying, removing the skin and leaving the innermost layer of fruit–the sticky, sugary mucilage. The result is a smooth, naturally sweet cup of coffee. The mild acidity of our Finca Medina Honey reminds us of ripe pineapple and molasses with hints of honeysuckle.

Head to our web store or your local cafe to purchase Finca Medina Natural and Honey and see for yourself why these are some of our favorite coffees this year.

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