Award-winning specialty coffee roaster

Coffee is more than a passion, it’s our way of life

Established on upper King St. in 2015, Springbok Coffee Roasters is a small batch, specialty coffee roaster located in downtown Charleston, SC.

While attending a coffee roasting training at Coffee Lab International, owners Jason, and Josh Bell were attentively listening to their instructor Mané Alves discuss the intricacies of heat exchange and airflow. They had officially transitioned into information overload as the long days of roast, cup, tweak and repeat carried on. Not to mention the winter storm “Nemo” was fast approaching, continually derailing their thoughts from coffee roasting to “How and when are we going to get home?”

Then it happened… Mané made a statement that would become a cornerstone for their company, “You can’t take bad coffee and make it good.” Rocket science, right? Nope, but it struck a chord and forever shaped the future of Springbok Coffee Roasters.

Springbok Owner Jason Bell

Owner Jason Bell at the Springbok Roastery

Enjoy our specialty coffees at these fine establishments in the Charleston, SC area, buy direct from our downtown Charleston roasting facility, or buy online and have it delivered right to your door.

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